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Optimizing Recruiting and Hiring

One of the biggest challenges plaguing corporates today is not attracting talents but retaining the talent.
Business process outsourcing is one of the major causalities of employee attrition. Lack of job sculling in
developing countries like India has made attrition a never ending problem. This makes it compulsory for
HR managers to understand the pertaining factors prompting employees to quit an organization. Here is
some insight that may alleviate future problems:

Hire the right fit
It’s imperative to hire someone with a commitment to their career. If a person has not been a loyal
employee in the past, he is definitely a problem for your business.

Test for excellent analytical skills
Don’t judge the potential candidates merely on the basis of their resume, use different techniques to
test their analytical skills.

Orientation and Induction
Introducing company practices to new employees is important to acquainting new employees to the
organization. This helps them feel less like an outsider.

Take Feedback
A general practice on papers that is often neglected, it is necessary to embrace an open door policy to
keep it informal. Another crucial area it covers is letting an employee know that the organization cares.

Employee Appreciation
Annuals appraisal to motivate your employees goes a long way in establishing the loyalty factor. Good
work when appreciated encourages more good work.

Have Fun
Last and certainly not the least, all work and no play make the entire team dull. Engage with your team
in some offsite fun activities. Get to know them better and let them indulge in their hobbies.
Having a right hiring process can make your business. Our Mission ready project staffing experts are
equipped to support an entire range of ‘just in time’ talent eventualities.

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