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The ammunition you need to win the battle for talent.

There is a quest for talent and the talent constraints are real. The war or battle for talent is a word first conceived by Steve Hankin of Mckinsey and Company in 1997. According to KPMG’s study, “Rethinking Human Resources in a Changing World,” talent is a key factor to a company’s success. However, due to growing competition, geographical and demographical discrepancy there is an obvious skill shortage. The demand for highly talented individuals outdoes the rate at which we can produce them.

To trump the contingency and maintain a competitive advantage in a cut-throat environment enterprises need the following things:

Go Global –

Outsourcing key talent globally is the key to addressing the issue of skill shortage. Emerging market companies need to hire talents to catch up with established multinational players. Hadfield’s outsourced and scalable programs let you tide over this challenge by administering logistic and collateral duties.

Virtual Hiring –

Access a pool of global talent by going Virtual. With a prospering online market, more companies are shrugging away the traditional method of hiring. Our versatile and experienced staffing professionals can support new projects, seasonal requirements or even a lean period of retrenchment.

Flexible Hiring –

Flexible hiring benefits both the company and the employee. It empowers companies to hire best talents for various durations on terms and conditions best suited to both the parties. Our On-Demand-Recruitment provides customized targeted recruitment for both sudden and long-range requirements.

Talent acquisition has undergone transformation and Head field is the way forward.


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