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The Successful Recruiter Tips

Recruiting is no doubt the foundation phase for a company. The core strength of a company which is its employee come as an output to this phase. So, it’s required to effectively execute this step and try for the results which are on the better side. This requires the recruiter to follow some basic but effective methodologies. Some of the targeted ones are further described in the blog.

The tips to become a successful recruiter (The six-step approach)

Keep an open eye:  Fulfilling the daily needs is never enough for a company’ perspective. A candidate should be selected keeping the long-term perspective in mind. Candidate selection should be done keeping in mind that his potential must be enough to cope up with the exceeding requirements of the company in future. Not only the candidate; New technologies should also be focused to have a competitive edge in the industry.

Be personable and approachable: If you want to see the true side of a candidate then it is necessary to put them at ease. Candidate will only show his true self when he is put in the situation for it. So, try, to be frank and open rather than following the traditional professional approach.

Use a Go-Getter approach:  A phone call to a candidate can be made by anyone but to break the ice and starting a perfect conversation is a quality possessed only by a successful recruiter. To actually see the inside of a candidate, one needs to create a friendly environment and be open to the discussion. Therefore the recruiter should use a go-getter approach in order to see the actual of the candidate.

Always follow up: This is one of the essentials which should never be ignored. Following up with the candidates makes the relationship stronger and in turn trustful. For e.g. whenever a candidate gives an interview he hopes to be informed about his status on the job. It is the respect factor which he needs and it surely helps in strengthening the bond among the recruiter and the employee.

Be creative:  Creativity can solve any problem for you. There are several ways to find a candidate, but sticking to the basic and traditional ways doesn’t always do the job for you. But just sitting in the comfort of your chair and traversing various portfolios is not enough. If you want to get the right candidate you yourself need to follow the right technique. Being a little creative makes it easier for you. Some of the unique techniques include networking events, referrals, job postings, using tools and analysis etc. and never to forget social media.

Good listening skills: A good listener is always a gainer. Even a recruiter must follow the path of a good listener. It is required that you must listen to a candidate first, that is what his point of view is. Then it’s up to you how to acknowledge it. Last decision always remains with you.

Following these steps will only get you the right candidate for you and our team at Glocal take these steps as a how to… guide. We want to fulfill your needs, not the vacancy. So, if you have any trouble regarding the recruitment phase, just get a free Glocal trial now.


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